DIY Cookie Turntable for less than $10.


Hi fellow bakers and crafters! Welcome to my very first post on Caro Cute Creations which is a super easy DIY project.  A cookie turntable, an essential tool for cookies decoration that also can be used to decorate small deserts such as cake balls, brownie bites, cake pops and more!

I am a cookie decorator and I personally love using a turntable for decorating my cookies and small desserts. I’m very organized and I feel it gives me a sense of order and cleanliness at the same time, Also with a cookie turntable you do not need to be touching or lifting the cookie as you work with it, so it makes it so much easier and faster decorating plus you end up with a neat and clean design as well.

A cookie turntable range from 20 to 35 dollars. it depends where you buy it. Those of you who know me know that if i can do it myself, I am not paying for it; as simple as that (first because I love DIY and second I xtra love saving some money lol ). Would you believe me if I tell you I spent less than ten dollars making mine? Ok, let me give you all the details about how I did it.

(** if you are not that crafty to make your own click here for an affordable option**)

Here what is needed:


I scored this Non-slip liner (it’s going to keep the cookie from sliding and and keep it in place) and candle holder plate for 1 dollar each at my local Dollar Tree Store (My favorite Store by the way). If you have one near you go and get them. Another option instead of the candle holder is an Acrylic Circle

to go directly and buy the lazy Susan click here

As a crafter you probably own an exacto knife (must have tool)  but in case you dont you can get it here  or just use a pair of scissors instead. I used crazy glue for mine but a better option is the E6000 adhesive.

Once you have all the supplies it will take you one minute to make your new cookie turntable. let’s get started

First take the candle holder plate or the disc Circle (whichever you are using) upside down and place it over a piece of non_slip liner then trace and cut a circle with your exacto knife or scissors just like in the picture below


Second ,take the Lazy susan upside down and put crazy Glue on each corner and side (be very carefull with the crazy Glue, you can use gloves if you want)


Then, place your candle holder or acrylic circle upside Down on a straight surface and glue the lazy susan right in the middle just  like this


Finally place the non slip liner over it and it’s  done! now you  have your new cookie turntable ready to use.


Thanks for stopping by!


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