Cookie Turntable

DIY Cookie Turntable.

Hi fellow bakers and crafters! Welcome to my very first post on Caro Cute Creations which is a super easy DIY project.  A cookie turntable, an essential tool for cookies decoration that also can be used to decorate small deserts such as cake balls, brownie bites, cake pops and more!

I am a cookie decorator and I personally love using a turntable for decorating my cookies and small desserts. I’m very organized and I feel it gives me a sense of order and cleanliness at the same time, Also with a cookie turntable you do not need to be touching or lifting the cookie as you work with it, so it makes it so much easier and faster decorating plus you end up with a neat and clean design as well. let me give you all the details on how I made it.

(** if you are not that crafty to make your own click here to get yours**)



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