Decorative Shaggy Area Rug


Hello everyone! A new day, a new post. I love to have area Rugs around the house. they are perfect decorative accents for any room  ( this shaggy rug can  perfectly be used as a throw blanket over sofas and chairs as well) I have made two for myself and have them both on my living room. on this post I am going to show you how to make your own ( they are expensive to buy so I make my own).  you will need:

these are the supplies you need: a 5×7  non slip rug pad,  a good pair of scissors and your favorite fabric (we need about 12 yards for a 5×7 rug). I always got my fabric at my neighborhood’s crafts supply store, they always have good fabrics starting from 1 dollar per yard, you can check on any craft store. let’s get started

first you need to cut the fabric into pieces (6 inches long by 2 inches width ) like in next picture

once you have cut all the fabric into small pieces it  is time to start working ,do not get rushed, you can do it little by little while you watch TV or may be while waiting for the washing machine to finish. this is how is done

and tie a knot

continue doing the same over and over

you are going to be finished once you  have completed the entire pad. you should end up with something like this

you can use it as a rug like this


or as a thrown balnket over your sofa

here is the other one I made


they look great over a chair too

hope you like the post! don’t forget to follow along for more ideas. Thank you!

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