Plastic Canvas Clutch


Hello Crafters! Do you like Plastic Canvas? I do, so many memories come to my mind !! when I was a little girl I loved making dolls out of plastic canvas, all with different dresses and names… you can make almost everything with that piece of plastic you just have to be creative. A few days ago I was cleaning up my craft supply closet and I found 4 sheets of plastic canvas (long time without making a plastic canvas project) so I decided to make something. Today’s project is a super cute clutch that I love and enjoyed so much putting together .

supplies needed ( direct links to buy them at the end of this post)


First step is to cut two pieces of  plastic canvas like pictured


I used  the Scotch Stitch- Basic (you can use your favorite Stitch)


stitch both pieces like pictured

then glue the felt to the wrong size of the bigger piece


fold giving the shape of a clutch, sew the sides  and glue button clip like this

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

then take the small piece of plastic canvas and the decorative button and glue them together like this…

…glue the piece to the front of the clutch…

how easy!! Now you have a new clutch for your collection


here is a list of supplies needed for this project

plastic canvas


Glue gun


plastic canvas needle

button clip

decorative button

than you! see you next post. xoxo


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