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Hello Everyone! Yay! it’s Friday and today I have an interesting and very useful post to share with all of you. would you believe me if i tell you  i do not have any of the cutters for those cookies on the above picture? let me tell you that every cookie was cut by hand.

Yes! There are ocassions when you need to make a cookie and you don’t have the exact cutter on hand or maybe you have the cutter but not the desired size or the cutter you need is a little be too expensive or Sometimes it is no worthy to invest on a cutter you might use only once. So then it’s when you need a cutter substitute.

what I do when I need a cutter that for some reason I don’t have is to use a paper template.

1. l search for a cliapart template of the shape i want to cut on google images.

2. I resize my image on Microsoft word and print it out.

3. I use my Scotch thermal laminator   (super fast and easy to use) and Thermal Laminating pouches  to laminate my image (once you laminate it you can clean it up and use it over and over again)


4. then I cut my image with a scissors and i have my template cutter ready to use. These are the templates I used for the cookies on the first picture👇


5.all you have to do is to place the template on the rolled cookie dough and cut it by tracing the template with an exacto knife and voila. easy right? What do you think?  Thanks for reading! have a great weekend!


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