Easiest Way to Make Cake Pops

Hey There ! I used to hate making cake pops ( the mess, time consuming , etc.. (I know some of you can relate). today I have good news😀.


Everything changed (I love making cake pops now) When I found this miraculous machine that does all the work for you. With The Baby Cakes machine you can make cake pops in minutes (no mess, no rolling balls, no touching the batter at all) I am so Glad I made the decision to buy it.

I have been using the Baby Cakes cake pops Maker for about a year now and I love it. so easy to use,  and super fast. It comes with a recipe book with a lot of different cake pops recipes, it also brings a cooling rack/ cake pop stand and a fork tool.


the best part is that you do not have to be an expert, you just follow the recipe and the machine would make everything else.

once you have your cake balls done first start by melting the Candy Melts

you can use the microwave to melt it (30 seconds intervals and move it with a spatula until it is completely melted, you can also use a Candy Melts Pot


next step is to assemble  your cake pop. put the Cake Pop Stick and cake ball together

let it dry for a least 5 minutes and then

let it dry and decorate as you want☺

I highly recommend this machine for easy , quick, delicious and cute cake pops!  and you will be surprised of the price too Check it out

Down below some of the Cakes Pops I have made with my Baby Cakes cake pops maker👇you can make them too! Get inspired!!

Thanks for reading!


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