[How-To] Super Hero Cookies


As you already know Decorating cookies is my number one favorite thing. I got excited when I was asked to make these super hero cookies because I love the theme. I made them for an ex co-worker of mine ( for a 2nd Birthday Party).

For these cookies you need two basic cookie cutters. Circle Cutter (4 inches) and an Easter Egg Cookie Cutter ( for Spiderman). Also need Super Hero Cutters


as this was a last minute order i didn’t have time to get all the cutters on time so this is the cutters  i used plus a batman template you can print here


first cut your cookie Dough  and bake

Let me Show you how to decorate each cookie.

  • Wonderwoman

For the wonder woman cookie I made the logo out of fondant and painted it with Gold lustre Dust (mix it with a little bit of vodka or lemon juice)

flood your cookie with Red Royal icing and place the logo on top


  • Superman

For the Superman cookie I used the same technique. I cut the superman logo out of fondant but this time I painted it with Food Color


  • Batman

as I didn’t have the cutter on hand I made myself a template for this cookie. I traced it on my cookie with a  black Food Decorator Pen and then filled up with black Royal Icing (flood consistency)

then you just have to fill the rest of the cookie with Yellow Royal icing (flood consistency)


  • Spiderman

For the Spiderman cookie I just traced the eyes with a black Food Decorator pen Flooded the cookie with red royal icing and white royal icing on the eyes. when the royal icing was completely dry (after at least 8 hours) I painted the spider web by hand with a Black Food Decorator Pen


and Done!

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