Winter Mitten Cookies


I love how these mitten cookies turned out. I had some left over fondant so i decided to use it on these cookies.

I used the Ann Clark Winter Mitten Cookie Cutter

Ann clark cookie cutter


once I rolled out the fondant, I textured with a piece of plastic canvas and then cut it with the  Cookie Cutter

next is to put the fondant and cookie together (put a little bit of water on the back of the fondant with a paint brush. water acts like glue)

cookieFor the ruffles I used Red Fondant

Tip: I use corn starch to roll my fondant so it doesn’t stick on the surface.

cut circles and thin out the edges with a Fondant Ball Tool on a Foam Pad like in pictures below👇

next step is to fold the fondant circles in half, give them that ruffle shape and glue with water to the cookie.


For the little Stars details i cut some stars out of fondant and painted them with Silver Luster Dust (mixed with Vodka) and glued them (with a drop of water) to the cookie

star details

And done! you have finished

final result

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