Hibiscus Hawaiian Flower


These Hibiscus Flowers are made out of fondant. supplies needed👇20171129_180846.jpg

Fondant, Flower Cookie Cutter, fondant tools, foam pad , flower wire and a rolling pin.

Start by rolling out the fondant and cutting it with the Flower Cookie Cutter20171129_181252.jpg

Texture your flower with a fondant tool that looks like a fan (shown on next picture. you can also use a thootpick and make lines on the flower


next place your Flower on  a Foam Pad  and thin out the edges with a Fondant Ball Tool.


to give the flower its shape i placed it on a piece of aluminium foil (shaped as a drying mold) you can also used a egg carton upside down or a Fondant Drying Mold


The next part of the flower is the pistil, take a piece of fondant and make a shape like in the picture below20171130_124207.jpg

then insert the flower wire

20171130_124221.jpgnext step is to attach it to the middle of the flower and make the white details (I used white royal icing but small pieces of white fondant can be used as well


let flower dry for at least 3 days before using it. this time allows the fondant to  dry completely and the flower can maintain its shape when used.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Such a beautiful decoration!
    I am thinking of trying this out soon 😀 by the way, you mentioned that the fondant has to be left to dry to ensure its shape. Should it be left to dry in the fridge? What sort of temperature and humidity level would you recommend?

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