Easy DIY Backdrop


This is a super easy to make backdrop for any celebration. It can be used for birthdays, baby shower, anniversaries or just to take cute pictures.  It just take a few minutes to put together and it cost less than 10 dollars .

With just a few supplies you can have this Cute backdrop. You only need paper plates , a few paper fan and tape.


I got the paper plates at my local Dollar Tree Store. I used 36 plates (2- 18 pk) one dollar each pack.  I bought the paper fan (spend 6 dollars) so I put this  this backdrop together for 8 dollars. (what a bargain).

Just put tape on the back of each plate and attach it to the wall. Do the same with each paper fan and that’s it.

A good thing about this DIY backdrop is that you can reuse the supplies for another project or use the plate for your next party. Thanks  for reading!


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