Must have Adhesive for Every Crafter


After a long period of trial and error I have finally found the perfect glue for all of my craft projects.

There are a few important requirements a glue needs to have in order for me to say it’s good. It needs to be strong, resistant, non toxic and it has to work on most surfaces and materials. The Ultimate Crafter’s Pick has them all.

It adheres perfectly to almost any material (metal, glass, plastic, fabric, etc). It is strong enough. It dries clear for a cleaner and professional look, And very important it is a Non- Toxic  product.  Besides it has an extra bonus; it is super affordable.

I have used Crafters Pick  on fabric , metal and plastic so far and I can say is the best glue i have ever tried and I recommend it to any crafter. You should give it a try!!

Thanks for reading!


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