Valentines Tic Tac Toe Cookies

Cookies are the perfect addition to any table but combining tic tac toe game + valentine + sugar cookie is bomb!

This set of cookie is perfect for a valentines day get together; it goes perfect in a hot cocoa table team or in a valentines day dessert table. Enjoying these cookies while playing with friends on a valentines afternoon get together is for sure a must. They also can be a perfect gift to a friend, neighbor or co-worker.

For this Cookie Set you will need :

  • A 7×7 square cookie (I cut it by hand with a knife)
  • X and O cookie cutters ( I used the cutters for the 101 Cutters Set from Wilton)
  • Edible markers

After baking your cookie dough cut a 7×7 square and as many x and o cookies as you want (just in case you want to play tic tac toe with your friends while eating the cookies)

once you have baked and cut your cookies you are ready for the fun part -DECORATNG THEM-

Step 1- With the help of a ruler trace with an edible marker 3 columns and 3 rows as shown on first picture .

Sep 2- After tracing the columns with the edible marker now re-trace it with white Royal Icing (Medium Consistency) leaving a square in between, allowing the icing to dry in order to get the definition of every square.

Step 3- Once you have the center and edge squares flooded with royal icing, allow the cookie to dry for at least 30 minutes before flooding the other 4 remaining squares.

Step 4- now you have all the squares done. lets keep decorating!

At this point you can get creative, there are so many ways to decorate your tic tac toe game, I just used red royal icing, made a zig zag form on the borders and added a heart candy on each corner and that’s it!

With a pink edible marker I retrace the lines just to make them stand out

The X and O:


1. outline the cookie with red royal icing (medium consistency)

2. flood the cookie with the same red royal icing and let it dry for at least 30 minutes.

3. pipe two eyes with white royal icing medium or stiff consistency and let it dry.

4. draw two dots with a black edible marker.

5. draw a smile with a black edible marker( make sure cookie is completely dry before drawing with the edible marker)*


1. Outline the center circle with pink Royal icing.

2. Outline the cookie with pink royal icing.

3. flood the cookie with pink royal icing.

4. pipe two eyes with white royal icing (medium consistency), 
pipe a heart Shaped mouth with red royal icing (medium consistency).

5. after cookie is completely dry, draw lashes and eyes with a black edible marker.

done! Thanks for reading!

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