Hello there! Welcome to Caro Cute Creations. I’m a Caro, the founder of Caro Cute Creations, a self taught home baker, crafter by nature and  lover of all things cute.

Crafting and creating have always been my favorite things to do. My passion for baking and decorating started 3 years ago. For my son’s 2nd Birthday  I decided I was going to bake his birthday cake, which I did (first time baking something in my life ) and guess what? Yes, I totally fell in love with it that I haven’t stopped creating baked goods since then.

Even though that first cake was far from perfect since I did not have any experience baking I was so proud of myself  for having baking and decorating a cake without any help. After that first cake I have had the privilege of playing and working with the sugar arts and learning through the process.

Making cakes and cookies for family and friends has helped me to get some skills to dare to call myself a Self  Taught Baker. Trial and error, patience, a lot of practice and the strong passion I feel for baking  have been very good teachers for me during this two past years and I still have a lot more to learn on the way.

I have a special love for making, baking, crafting and decorating that I needed to combine all of them in one place. Caro Cute Creations was born in 2016 ( on Instagram) as a consequence of my desire to share all my creations with others then in November 2017 I decided to take my passion more serious by opening this web site.

From delicious and cute homemade sweet treats for all of your events, party ideas and decorations, baking tips and recipes , DIY projects, gifts ideas for family and friend to a variety of handmade party favors and décor ( go to my shop) you will find it all here.

best regards,