Cake pops de San valentin

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3 Steps Flower Letter

Monogram letters are cute statement pieces to décor any room. They can be used to decor bedrooms, nursery rooms, living rooms, offices, parties and so many more. This flower letter is so easy to make. Supplies you'll need to complete this project: Foam Board or Card board Artificial Flowers Ribbon PencilExacto KnifeHot Glue Gun Step… Seguir leyendo 3 Steps Flower Letter


Valentine’s Sweet Treats idea + Free Printable

Saint valentines day is a day to celebrate love in general. I personally love to give a little something to nice people around me. It is the perfect day to show some love to friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, family and everybody around. An easy and affordable option is to give sweet treats bags. Cellophane Bags… Seguir leyendo Valentine’s Sweet Treats idea + Free Printable